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澳洲assignment:澳大利亞政府的技術移民政策Policy Analysis: The Government’s Policy For Skilled Migration In Australia

論文作者:www.8040747.live論文屬性:作業 Assignment登出時間:2017-11-03編輯:anne點擊率:2483

論文字數:1930論文編號:org201711032236441238語種:英語論文 English地區:澳大利亞價格:$ 22

關鍵詞:政策分析澳大利亞政府技術移民政策Policy AnalysisThe Government’s PolicySkilled Migration In Australia



澳大利亞技術移民政策現行制度采用評分法,根據申請人的年齡,語言水平,學歷和職業經驗自動評分。對澳大利亞技術移民政策的研究具有學術意義和現實意義, 只分析澳大利亞技術移民情況的特點及其影響政策的因素,也可以激發我們探討政策的效果,既有積極的方面也有潛在的擔憂。通過客觀中立的角度,借助科學的政策分析工具, 我們可以安全地回答與技術移民政策有關的四個問題,并解釋潛在的擔憂。

Australia skilled migration policy’s current system adopted assessment scoring, it will automatic score bases on the applicant’s age, language level, academic degree, and career experience.The study on the policy of skilled migration in Australia is of academic and practical significance, which can not only analyze the characteristics of skilled migration situation in Australia and influencing factors of its policy, but also can inspire us to explore the policy’s effects, both positive aspects and potential worries.Through objective and neutral point, with the help of scientific policy analysis tools,we can safely answer the four questions relative to the skilled migration policy and explain the potential worries.


澳大利亞是世界上移民最多的國家之一,受益于移民的重大貢獻,他們對經濟發展和社會進步做出了巨大的貢獻。但是,如何制定適當的移民政策仍然是公眾辯論的焦點。一個突出的問題提出,辯論是大多數移民國家普遍存在的潛在的問題,即移民可能對勞動力市場本土出生的工人造成傷害。這個問題不僅在澳大利亞引起了,而且在許多移民國家發生了 - 包括大多數歐洲國家,美國和加拿大。
21世紀,霍華德和陸克文 - 吉拉德政府都在不斷調整政策,為經濟發展和社會繁榮做出了貢獻。澳大利亞移民政策越來越關注移民的技能,甚至把移民作為一項重要的入場標準。在2000年到2006年間,澳大利亞每年接受的移民總數達14萬,其中技術移民占65%。在2004 - 2005年間,技術移民在這些外國學生中占三分之一。在馬爾康姆·特恩布爾政府中,綜合改革涉及到技術型,商業型移民和短期移民,以滿足國內政治和就業市場的需求。現在澳大利亞熟練的簽證涉及三種類型,熟練的獨立簽證,熟練的指定簽證和熟練的區域(臨時)簽證。Australia is one of the major migration nations in the world, which has benefited a lot significant contributions from the migrations, theyhave made to economic development and social advancement. However, how to establish appropriatemigration policies continue to be focus of public debate. One prominent issue proposed the debate is the widespread potential concern in mostmigration countries that migrations may do harms to native-born workers in the labor market. The concern is not only aroused in Australia but liesin many migrationcountries – including most European nations, the USA and Canada. 
In the 21th century,both Howard and Kevin Rudd -Gillard governments continued to adjust the policy according to the circumstance, which contributed to the economic development and social prosperity.Australian migration policy has become increasingly focused on immigrant’s skill, even takes it as an important entry criteria. In the period 2000 to 2006, the total immigrant accepted by Australia per year up to 140 000, where skilled migrationtakes account for about 65 %. When it comes to 2004–2005, skilledmigrationvisa achieve one-third of these foreign students. In the Malcolm Turnbull administration, the comprehensive reform involved the skilled, business immigrants and short-term migrants to meet the demand of domestic politics and job market. Now Australia skilled visa involved three types, skilled independent visa, skilled nominated visa, and skilled regional (provisional) visa.
The current system adopted assessment scoring, it will automatic score bases on the applicant’s age, language level, academic degree, and career experience. Only the applicant gets the invitation can he submit an application for migration.Because the quota varies on occupation, less quota in your occupation, the more fierce competitions in your field for migration. In other words, you need get more scores to ensure the success rates.The Amalgamated Occupation List is an attempt to 論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫英語論文代寫代寫論文代寫英語論文代寫留學生論文代寫英文論文留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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