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閱讀文章:奶農正在被“擠干”,奶奶記得牛奶的真實成本(The Conversation,25/05/16)在澳大利亞與奶牛養殖相關的動物福利和環境問題。然后用經濟分析來回答以下問題。在你的答案中,確保你使用本課程中涉及的相關經濟學理論,概念和/或圖表。請注意,一般的外行或新聞工作者的討論并不構成充分的經濟分析。問題1 本文呼吁采取公共政策措施來解決與澳大利亞乳業植物相關的動物福利和環境問題。關于在這個課程中所涉及的經濟概念,解釋為什么政府可能會介入奶制品市場(10分)問題2 奶制品稅是政府可能考慮的一項公共政策舉措。進行適當的經濟分析,解釋如何利用這種稅收來增加本文提出的動物福利和環境問題。 (10分)問題3政府可以采取哪些其他公共政策措施來解決這些問題? (10分)問題4在沒有政府干預的情況下,我們作為私人做什么來解決這些問題呢? (5分)奶農正在被“擠干”,但是讓我們記住牛奶的真實成本2016年5月25日上午6點11分AEST乳制品行業面臨一系列的福利和環境問題。Marking: Marks will be awarded based on how well you: (a)understand the economic theories and concepts from thelectures;; (b) apply these to the question(s);; (c) conductsystematic economic analysis using these theories andconcepts (this includes the use of appropriate diagrams);; and(d) draw conclusions, if appropriate. Note that general laymandiscussions do not constitute sufficient economic analysis.Presentation: Assignments should be typed, using 10 – 12sized font and 1.5 – 2--line spacing. Graphs and diagrams canbe hand drawn and scanned in, but must be clearly drawn andclearly labelled.Read the article Dairy farmers are being ‘milked dry’, butlet’s remember the real cost of milk (The Conversation,25/05/16) attached, about the animal welfare andenvironmental concerns associated with dairy farming inAustralia.Then use economic analysis to answer the followingquestions. In your answers, ensure that you use relevanteconomic theories, concepts and/or diagrams covered in thiscourse. Note that general layman or journalistic discussionsdo not constitute sufficient economic analysis.Question 1The article calls for public policy initiatives to address animalwelfare and environmental concerns associated with dairyfarming in Australia. With reference to economic conceptscovered in this course, explain why the government mightwant to intervene in the dairy market.(10 marks)Question 2A tax on dairy products is one public policy initiative that thegovernment might consider. Perform appropriate economicanalysis to explain how such a tax could be used to addressthe animal welfare and environmental concerns raised in thearticle. Discuss the pros and cons of using such a tax as apolicy initiative.(10 marks)Question 3What other public policy initiatives can the governmentemploy to address these concerns? Discuss the pros andcons of these.(10 marks)Question 4What can we as private individuals do to address theseconcerns in the absence of government intervention? Aresuch private solutions likely to be effective?(5 marks)Dairy farmers are being ‘milked dry’,but let’s remember the real cost ofmilkMay 25, 2016 6.11am AESTThe dairy industry faces a number of welfare and environmental issues. Cow image fromwww.shutterstock.comGonzalo N VillanuevaPhD Candidate, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University ofMelbourneThe Conversation’s partnersView partners of The ConversationThe Australian dairy farming industry is in a state of crisis. Cheap dairy productsand fluctuations in both the domestic and global markets have taken a financialtoll on farmers. Consumers have rallied to help struggling dairy producers.But this is only half the problem. The true cost of dairy is also paid by dairy cowsand the environment.Welfare problemsDespite the idyllic image of outdoor farming, several industry practices negativelyaffect dairy cows. To meet production demands, dairy cows are subject to acontinuous cycle of impregnation, induced calving and milking.Tail-docking and horn removal are routinely performed witho論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫,英語論文代寫,代寫論文,代寫英語論文,代寫留學生論文,代寫英文論文,留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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