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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Research Background
Compared with sound structure and grammar studies of language, meaning studyor semantics of language is considered to be more complicated as it is not onlyconcerned with linguistics but also involved with other fields such as philosophy,psychology, anthropology, sociology, logistics and cognitive science. Therefore, it isobvious that research focusing on semantics gains more and more popularity.Certainly, most scholars from home and abroad have put forward or agree withdifferent concepts of language meaning like the Referential Theory, the IdeationalTheory, the Correspondence Theory of Truth, the Contextual Theory, the Speech Acttheory, etc. Wang Yin (2002) pinpoints that there are two genres of semantics theories:externalist semantics and internalist semantics. The former includes the ReferentialTheory, the Triangle Theory, Intensional Semantics Theory, etc and the latter consistsof Structure Theory of Saussure, Mentality Theory of Chomsky and CognitiveSemantics Theory.Although it is widely accepted that there are various kinds of theories to probeinto language meaning, some of these theories in externalist semantics have revealedthe infeasibility of explaining certain language meaning phenomena. However,Saussure lays a stress on structure and he thinks that structure internalism is fairlyimportant. Chomsky carries out his study through internal mind and he holds theopinion that language meaning has something to do with mentality. Apparently,Saussure and Chomsky concentrate on internalism from two different standpoints.Unlike Saussre's and Chomsky's, cognitive linguists Lakoff and Johnson (1999) claimthat language meaning (or concept in this book) is based on human beings' experienceabout the world and how human beings cognize the outer world through their bodiesand brains. In other words, concepts are generated in terms of embodiment especiallyhuman beings' movements. Wang Yin (2002) adds that the process of generating meaning is restricted by psychological and neural system. Thus, cognitive semantictheory is relatively reasonable combining externalism and internalism to studylanguage meaning.

1.2 Significances of the Study
Metaphor is the most indispensable way of human beings cognizing the worldand the emergence of a large number of metaphors is bound up with spatial concept.Lakoff & Johnson (1980) mention that spatial concept can form an entire system ofconcepts and it is seen as a meta-concept to figure out other concepts. Based on whatlocalism extends, spatial concepts are the origin and foundation of language on thegrounds that human beings start to perceive and understand the world through theirown movements and the environment they are in. Owing to their physical experiences,their mentality together with the processing of what they have taken in from outsidegenerates more and more new concepts to recognize the world. Hence, it is of greatimportance to study spatial words.Theoretically, the theories of cognitive semantics especially conceptualmetaphors and prototype will be employed to explore Chinese spatial characters Zuoand You. It is known that many foreign scholars have paid attention to making acomplete analysis of English spatial words such as in, on, up, down, etc withcognitive semantics theories. However, although some Chinese linguists haveconducted their studies on Chinese spatial characters particularly Sha論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫,英語論文代寫,代寫論文,代寫英語論文,代寫留學生論文,代寫英文論文,留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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