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Making sense of all the data for managerial and decision making purpose for NHS Borders

論文作者:留學生論文論文屬性:短文 essay登出時間:2010-04-29編輯:steelbeezxp點擊率:3301

論文字數:5549論文編號:org201004291351387898語種:英語 English地區:英國價格:$ 66

關鍵詞:Operational Researchdecision makingreport

Making sense of all the data for managerial and decision making purpose for NHS Borders

Wai Meng Chong

Msc of Operational Research (2007)

Thank you to Professor Fran Ackermann for her advice and suggestions for this project.

Thank you to Ruth for her supports and helps through out the entire project.

Thank you to Pauline Burns for preparing the claims and cheques.代寫propsoal

Thank you to Pauline Davidson for provided the basic training for ePEX.

Thank you to Gillian Broatch and Gordon for provided me the data for Social workers.

Thank you to Meriel Smith for provided me the data for BGH and Community Hospital.

Thank you to Veronica Ross for provided me the rights to access ePEX, gave me training about ePEX and prepared reports about the Dementia patients in Caulshiels and Continuing care centers.

Thank you to Paul to help me to identify the ICD 10 codes.

Thank you to Shirley for her help in arranges appointment for me to meet Ruth.

Thank you to Mark who helps me a lot in the beginning of the project and it is nice to work together with him.

Thank you to my cousin to provide me a place to stay in London.

Thank you to my family to give me full supports in this course.

Executive summary代寫propsoal

This project is aim to produce a set data in an appropriate form for the creation of a system dynamic model, verify the integration of data from 3 data sources and generate a series of reports for managerial and decision making purposes. The Dementia planning group and MHET team will therefore be able to use the model to examine the flow of the patients. The reports can be used for managerial and decision making purposes. For examples, Dementia planning group can use the location reports to identify which is the town in Scottish Borders has more Dementia patients and therefore decides whether to add more resources to visit the patients or add more beds in care homes that located in this area. These aims were achieved through understanding the requirement, collecting the data, building a database and undertaking analysis on the data.

The Database is built using Microsoft Access and the data is retrieved from Excel. As the data for Dementia patients in Borders currently is not consolidated the accuracy of the model and reports generated may represent numbers from the real world.

It is recommended that NHS Borders take some actions to improve the integrity and accuracy of the data in the future by standardizing the format of the data for the 3 data sources. One means of achieving this is to setup a data warehouse team to do so.

Table of contents

Project Outline 1
Aims 1
Objectives 1
Introduction 2
Background to project 2
Contributors to the project 2
Clients 2
Others involved in the project 2
What is Dementia? 3
Background 4
NHS borders 4
Mental Health for Elderly (MHET) 5
Data sources 5
Methodology approach 7
•Data collection 7
•Data Filtering 7
•Reason not use Excel 7
•Reason to use Access database 8
•Ways to integrate the data 9
Reports 10論文英語論文網提供整理,提供論文代寫,英語論文代寫,代寫論文,代寫英語論文,代寫留學生論文,代寫英文論文,留學生論文代寫相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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